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Wrist Support Wraps/Wrist Bandage.
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  Wrist Support Wraps/Wrist Bandage.
  Wrist Wraps/Wrist Bandage.
Material: 40% Elastic, 10% Polyester, 50% Cotton.
These affordable & durable wraps are made from fine cotton, elastic, and polyester blend that absorbs excess moisture and won’t irritate the skin. Use for greater wrist stability during weightlifting, powerlifting, Gym and strongman training. This Wrist Wrap model comes in black with 2/3 color stripes and logo. It includes thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, easy adjustments, and quick removal.
Sizing Suggestions:
12” or 18” Wraps = Ample support + wrist mobility for Oly lifts.
18” or 24” Wraps = Extra support for Powerlifting & Strongman training, less wrist mobility.
3 Sizes: 12" (30cm), 18" (45cm), 24" (60cm). Width: 3”
Colors: Black with 2 Green Stripes.
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12" Inch
18" Inch
24" Inch
Wrist Support Wraps/Wrist Bandage.
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